Combining High-Efficiency Cleaning With a Suite of Unmatched Airport-Specific Capabilities



  • Runway rubber removal
  • Glycol recovery
  • Ramp cleaning
  • Paint stripe removal
  • Spill response


  • Closed-loop recovery
  • Fine particle recovery efficiency
  • Supports Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPP)

Mechanical Benefits

  • Single powerplant
  • Centralized control hydrostatic architecture

Runway Rubber Removal

  • Single pass performance (cleaning and recovery)
  • Uses low pressure (less than 15,000 PSI)
  • Liquid and solids waste management technology

Paint Removal

  • Can remove paint in various widths from 6″- 24″

Glycol Recovery

  • Uses high-efficiency recovery technology

Ramp Cleaning

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPP)
  • A/C hard stands and GSE-stained areas
  • Fine solids recovery for paint prep and crack sealing pre-cleaning