Triverus vehicles use high-efficiency cleaning and recovery technology, and are tailored to mission-based applications ranging from general surface cleaning to runway rubber and paint removal, spill remediation, and stormwater pollution prevention.



Mobile Cleaning Recovery Recycle System Vehicle (MCRRS)

The Mobile Cleaning Recovery Recycle System (MCRRS) is purpose-built to clean flight and hangar decks on aircraft carriers (CVN and L-Class). The MCRRS incorporates unprecedented capabilities for maintaining flight deck coefficient of friction and stormwater pollution prevention.


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Municipal Cleaning Vehicle (MCV)

The Municipal Cleaning Vehicle (MCV) packs advanced surface cleaning capabilities into a capable mobile package. Designed and built on an OEM-maintainable chassis with the latest MCRRS technology, the MCV leads the pack when performing surface cleaning, paint preparation, stormwater pollution prevention, and more.


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What We Do

Triverus designs and manufactures high-efficiency outdoor surface cleaning equipment. Our cleaning vehicles are used in airfield, municipal and military markets. Triverus leans heavily on a fit-for-purpose design process that applies our continually improving cleaning and waste management technologies to specific market sectors.


  • Pervious Pavement Maintenance
  • Parking Facilities Cleaning
  • Mold and Mildew Remediation
  • Marine and Drydock Cleaning
  • SWPP: Storm Water Pollution Prevention

Areas We Serve

  • Alaska & Hawaii
  • Contiguous United States
  • Military Installations

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