Tank Trailer Cleaning

The Triverus Water Treatment Trailer allows two Municipal Cleaning Vehicles (MCVs) to each pump up to 175 gallons of dirty water into the Treatment Trailer for processing while at the same time removing 175 gallons from each of the clarified water holding tanks.

Triverus Water Treatment Trailer (TT)

When it comes to tank trailer cleaning, there is not always a place to offload the dirty water you have recovered without losing 30 minutes of valuable cleaning time. We developed the Water Treatment Trailer to be pulled into a parking structure or remote location, allowing the operators to offload dirty water and fill with processed clean water in under 10 minutes.

Tank 1 has an automated pH adjustment and coagulant feed built-in. This allows the system to add the appropriate amounts of clarifying agents when it senses water has been added to the system (capable of 350 gallons per cycle).

Tank 2 is an automated secondary clarifying tank where flocculent is added. The clarifying tank has a separation chamber that uses two easily removable filter screens to separate clarified water from the delivery pump, which is a Tsurumi transfer pump.

Tank 3 is the clarified water tank used for holding the clean processed water (approximately 350 gallons). This water can then be transferred back into the MCVs.

Tank 4 is a sludge holding tank containing accumulated sludge from the purification process held in a dewatering bag. It is equipped with a small Tsurumi transfer pump that purges the excess water that weeps off the bag back into the secondary tank for processing. The tank also allows for the removal of the dewatering bag once it is full.

We know your water treatment needs are unique and we want to help you find the perfect fit. The Triverus Water Treatment Trailer is built to suit using proven tank trailer cleaning technology that is modifiable and adaptable to help suit situational requirements. Please let us know how we can tailor our tank trailer cleaning to your needs.


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