What is “high-efficiency surface cleaning” and why is it important to your operations? At Triverus, high-efficiency surface cleaning means achieving the best results using fewer resources, and with minimal damage to surfaces. Our proprietary surface cleaning machine technology, developed with the Office of Naval Research, uses only pressurized water (no chemicals) to safely deliver the best results available.

Triverus’ Surface Cleaning Technology is Purpose-Built

Unlike most offerings available in the marketplace, Triverus’ surface cleaning machines are designed and built for the sole purpose of surface cleaning. For example, the Triverus cleaning apparatus is in front of the vehicle in view of the operator, not behind the operator in the middle of the vehicle, as is common with most systems added on to a commercially available unit. Triverus’ purpose-built designs yield wider cleaning paths (the Triverus MCV features the widest in its class), single-pass cleaning capabilities, smaller platforms with more maneuverability, single powerplants, and quick waste removal times. With Triverus surface cleaning machines, your organization will benefit from uncompromised surface cleaning capabilities.

Our Customers Benefit from OEM-Level Integration

In addition to being purpose-built, Triverus’ surface cleaning machines are expertly integrated into the most robust and versatile platforms available today from Bobcat and Mack Trucks. This OEM-level integration means a readily maintainable chassis, reduced maintenance costs, and peace of mind for your operations.

Cleaning and Recovery Results

Triverus’ surface cleaning technology utilizes a low-noise, low-pressure recovery technology that allows all our platforms to be power and width efficient. This translates into exceptionally clean surfaces from not only larger recoverable particles, but hard-to-recover sub-micron particles that contribute to stormwater pollution. All of this yields minimal damage to surfaces, meaning reduced costs and liability for your operations. Our machines recover what other machines leave behind.



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