Unprecedented Flight Deck Maintenance Capabilities

Mobile Cleaning System Details

The MCRRS primary role is to restore the coefficient of friction on Aircraft Carrier NonSkid coated surfaces. Cleaning effectiveness has exceeded existing methods by picking up and containing contaminates from the flight decks not recovered on a routine basis.

The MCRRS mobile cleaning system can drastically reduce wastewater generation and disposal footprint compared with the manual labor-intensive SCRUBEX. The Clean Loop® process is then used to prolong water use for continued cleaning.

It uses a pressurized water spray to clean surfaces. Material is recovered and a series of solids classification is done to remove solids from the influent and produce process water for continued cleaning.

MCRRS Key Specifications

  • 15,000 ft2 / hr. cleaning rate (variable rates)
  • Restore coefficient of friction (COF) on non-skid surfaces
  • Water-only cleaning capability
  • On-board vehicle recycle capability, full recovery capability
  • < 14’ turning radius, 3 steering modes

Shipboard Driver

  • Maintain operational readiness during flight operations.
  • Retain core non-skid functionality
  • Preserve in-service non-skid life corrosion and cost abatement
  • Eliminate salt water rinse
  • Clean in-port functionality without environmental discharge
  • Allow vehicle to maneuver on flight deck


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Mobile Cleaning Recovery Recycle System Vehicle (MCRRS)