First MCCRS Aircraft Carrier Surface Cleaning Machine Shipped

 First USN MCCRS Surface Cleaner Machine - Triverus


Palmer manufacturing company Triverus LLC has completed its first of four MCCRS (Mobile Recovery Recycle System) surface cleaning machines for the US Navy. The MCCRS Surface Cleaning Machine uses patented technology to clean and restore the necessary friction on naval carrier flight deck surfaces while dramatically reducing pollution runoff into the ocean.

The MCRRS mobile cleaning system can drastically reduce wastewater generation and disposal footprint compared with the manual labor-intensive SCRUBEX. It uses pressurized water to spray clean surfaces. Material is recovered and a series of solids classification is done to remove solids from the influent and produce process water for continued cleaning.

President/CEO Hans Vogel stated “Our team has worked with the Navy for 10 years in the R&D phase to meet all specifications and create a state of the art hard surface cleaning machine built right here in Palmer Alaska”

The Navy’s long-term plan is for Triverus to build up to 40 machines over the next 6 years, all of which will be made in Palmer according to Vogel. Eric McCallum, an investor, and partner in Triverus points out “ It’s a critical time to show Alaska can export technology and manufacturing, not just natural resources.

Triverus also has a second manufacturing plant in Burlington, Vt. where they make the MCV (Municipal Cleaning Vehicle) a smaller machine tailored for stormwater pollution prevention and high-efficiency cleaning of parking facilities, airports, and industrial applications. Minneapolis International Airport has five MCVs just for cleaning their parking garage.